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Breed Characteristics

The Rumwell Flock was started in 1990 with the purchase of 3 ewes followed by further additions in '91 (4), '92 (3), '93 (2) & '95 (1) when a ram was also purchased. A shearling ram ASTT6 and a ram lamb from Ireland FOBV7 were also purchased from France. Intermittent use of AI with frozen semen from champion rams Fortress, Euclid, King Jim and Powerhouse has produced top quality ewes and rams.

The flock has had Maedi-Visna status from the start and in 1995 became Scrapie monitored before the export of a shearling ram to Holland. Further export of 17 ewe lambs & shearling ewes to Belgium as part of a Society consigment in 1997 was followed by a sale of 7 ewe lambs and 2 ram lambs to Jan Depoorter of Belgium: arranged over the internet in August 1999.

In September 1999 a ram lamb FOB.V7 (Vyn) was purchased from Ireland who has developed into a stylish shearling with dark colour, strong legs and feet and good muscling. His blood test also showed him to be R1 genotype. His progeny are eagerly awaited in 2001. Private sales within the UK maintain a breeding flock of 25 ewes, 10 ewe lambs and several senior rams and ram lambs.

Picture of ewes


Picture of Jan Depoorter and Frans Vanakere

Picture of stock rams
(from right to left) Peridot JER.P17 (born '95), Samson JER.S9 foreground (born '97), Trojan JER.T3 (born '98), Vyn FOB.V7 (born '99) and Wilfred JER.W7 (ram lamb born in January 2000)

Show History
Sheep from the flock have been entered on the show circuit in the South West of England since '91 but an important success came in '93 with a shearling ewe JER L2 who won the female & inter breed championship at the North Devon Show & was first in the aged ewe class at the '94 Royal Show. One of her '95 born daughters JER P10 took the reserve female championship at the Royal Show in '97 & '98 as well as several South West breeed championships. Stock ram JER P17 was the M.L.C. (Signet) recorded champion ram lamb at the Royal Cornwall Show in '95 & was Breed Champion at the Devon County, Cornwall and Royal Bath & West Shows in '98 as well as reserve male champion at the Royal Show, '97 & '98.

Picture of Perry at Royal Show
Rumwell Peridot JER P17

At the Royal Show in 1999 Peridot's son Samson JERS9 was reserve male champion, JERT4 daughter of JERP10 was first in the shearling ewe class and an aged ewe JERR18 was reserve female champion.

Picture of group of three Royal show
Group of Three. Royal Show 1999

Late in 1999 two tragedies struck the show team. JER.T4 died of pneumonia and JER.P10 died of possible heart failure after lying on her side overnight and, heavy with lambs, had been unable to rise. The chances of revival of the show fortunes of the flock looked slim.

However, in April 2000 a shearling ewe JER.V12 was selected from the flock and showed herself to be a real eye catcher (she was a grand daughter of JER.L2). Three ewe lambs (Powerhouse daughters) and the single registered ram lamb JER.W7 were chosen as young show stock along with Samson and Vyn.

At the Royal Show 2000, the Rumwell Flock took five first places, a second, a third and fourth!!!

Each ram, Samson, Vyn, Wilfred took first place in their individual classes and Wilfred was also placed first in the recorded ram lamb class. The shearling ewe was placed second and the two ewe lambs were third and fourth in their classes. The Special Prize was received for the best Group of Three sheep.

Samson was awarded the Breed Champion position.

Picture of Samson at the Royal Show
Samson - Breed Champion 2000.

Due to the 2001 outbreak of FMD in the UK there were no sheep classes at Agricultural Shows that year.

There were small numbers of Shows with sheep classes towards the latter half of 2002.

An invitation to judge at theWest Flanders Sheep Fair in Belgium in August was accepted and with an attentive crowd of onlookers, myself and another judge spent most of a very hot Sunday placing some very good stock.

It also emerged that Majorie and I had been observed judging together at the Dutch National Show in Utrecht and the conclusion was that we were very thorough and fair.

Picture of Champion sheep at West Flanders
Champions at West Flanders


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