Rumwell Bleu du Maine
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Breed performance figures
Breed Characteristics

Breed performance records of prolificacy (lambing %), growth rates of lambs to 8 & 21 weeks and back scanning to assess leaness have been carried out in the flock since 1994.

Prolificacy has fallen from a high of 218% in 1994 to 182% in 2001. The reason for this is not clear.
The mean growth rate (daily weight gain to 8 weeks) for ram lambs is 370g and for ewe lambs it is 360g.

In 2002 all the lambs were backscanned at 21 weeks. No such measurements were possible in 2001due to FMD

Selection of ram lambs for retaining in the flock depends on 3 criteria:

  • genotype R1,
  • good breed conformation and character,
  • high scheme index (>50% scheme percentile).

Only 2 lambs JER.Z37 (Zeb) and JER.Z44 (Zac) fulfilled all criteria

Picture of Zeb and Zac
Zeb and Zac

Rumwell lambs
all SRS lambs
8 week wt. kg 29.5 27.0 23.2 26.2
growth rate g/day 490 420 370 405
scan wt. kg 62.5 68.0 47.5 47.7
muscle depth mm 30.0 30.7 22.3 26.1
fat depth mm 3.00 2.90 2.08 2.23
EBVs scan kg +3.05 +5.00 +1.92 +1.93
muscle mm +0.83 +1.53 +0.56 +0.53
fat mm +0.25 +0.20 -0.05 +0.02
SI 146 204 141(mean) 135(mean)
Comparison of ram lambs 2002

Selection of ewe lambs is based on breed conformation and character, scheme index, and genotype R1 or R4. Only 2 ewe lambs out of 21 were typed R4.

There were some excellent ewe lambs born in 2002.

Choice has been made based on actual measurements of muscle and fat. The 10 ewe lambs retained this year have muscle >25mm and fat 3.00mm and very good breed features.
Their SI range is from 85 to 207

Picture of ewe lambs 2002
Ewe lambs 2002