Rumwell Blue du Maine
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Breed Characteristics
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Breed Characteristics

A large sheep and excellent grazer, it grows quickly on grass, mature ewes weighing upwards of 120 kgs and rams 160 kgs.

The breed has a reputation for its prolificacy and maternal qualities. Lambing percentages of 250% in ewes and 200% in ewe hoggs are achievable.

The very wide birth canal, which is a trait of the breed and small head gives an easy lambing with active lambs that are on their feet and sucking within minutes.


Picture of grazing hogg ewes

Picture of ewe with triplets

Picture of ram lambs

Ram lambs mature quickly and work well in their first year. Excellent fleeces up to 6 kgs in weight free from kemp and grey fibre are produced.


Picture of ram lamb

These qualities inherent in the breed are all passed on to cross-bred females. Used with terminal sires (Charollais, Suffolk, Texel) the finished lambs have good conformation and can be taken on to heavier weights without going fat.